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Brand the Goat

Brand the Goat

The Rustic Goat promises to be an exciting, innovative addition to Anchorage’s restaurant scene. Nestled in the Turnagain neighborhood on Anchorage’s Westside, the “Goat” will feature a contemporary space rich with woods and metals in their natural state – a blend of colors and textures in a style that’s both modern and rustic.

Yuit helped develop a brand that embodies the look and feel of the place itself, as well as the owners’ passion for excellence in food and service. Yuit partner and graphic designer Mariajose Echeverria created a logo that conveys the Rustic Goat’s ambience. She also hand-illustrated an image of the goat that has become more than a part of their brand – it’s become a centerpiece of the restaurant’s art and décor.

“Yuit hit the nail on the head,” said Adam Marcum, Rustic Goat’s executive chef. “We love the brand and the goat image represents the feel we’re hoping to impart on our guests: cool, different, memorable.”

Achieving a successful brand involves listening carefully to the thoughts and ideas of clients in order to understand what they are thinking and feeling. Brands are inherently emotional and it’s important to capture and retain that throughout the development process. Paired with a solid, smart brand strategy, a successful brand will standout from others by leaving a lasting, impression that helps to attract customers and create lasting relationships.

The Rustic Goat will be opening this winter.

Great brands are appealing, infections and essential. How does your brand stack up against others in your field? What are your top three favorite brands and why?