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Well Integrity

Well integrity is defined as the “Application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the life cycle of a well”
Well Integrity Management System

Today, industry-wide, the management of well integrity is a common issus and it relates to both old and newly producting fields. Here at Yuit, our software strategists have worked closely the last decade with many Oil and Gas industry professionals in developing custom solutions that are fit-for-purpose for their environments. We have gained unfathomable experiences by working closely with Pad Engineers while on their runs ensuring pressures and gauges are recording accurate data to developing custom workflows with Operations and Production Engineers to ensure not only required compliance regulations are met but building user-friendly applications that allow these engineers and their managers to quickly access this critical information.

Below is some information on software that any O&G company can benefit from. For more information, you can go to https://www.yuitpetrol.com.

Well Integrity Management Software
Smart Well Integrity System

For rapid delivery of critical well information, there is no more powerful tool than SWIS (Smart Well Integrity System). With more than a decade in the making, SWIS offers an easy configurable, high-speed critical well data storage and delivery system.

SWIS core data set:
  • Well Summary/Overview
    • Well Status & Actions
  • Integrity Management
    • Barrier Issue
    • Current Status
    • Scheduled Corrective Maintenance
    • Bleed Off/Top Ups
    • Xtree/Head Maintenance
  • Production and Injection Data
  • Schematics and Logs
    • Well Bore Schematics/Diagrams & Log Files
    • Supports reading from File Servers
    • SharePoint Document Libraries and Documentum Objects
  • Annuli Pressure History
  • Well Activities/Interventions
  • Directional Surveys
  • Well Tests
  • Plotting
  • Reports
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Master Well List Solution

IntelliWell provides companies the opportunity to create and/or store their Master Well List data in a user-friendly repository.

Data & location agnostic:
  • Benefits of implementing IntelliWell
    • Enter Data Once
    • Use Existing data
  • External Connectivity
  • Multiple Data Entry Point
    • Native Data
    • Web Services
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